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Material Flow Solutions, is owned by Dr. Kerry Johanson who has 40 years experience in solving bulk powder handling problems. We are dedicated to providing cost effective engineered solutions based on measurement of key flow properties. We provide both the material flow property testing and the design experience to solve many flow problems facing producers of fine powders and granules. Our experience extends to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, power, bio-fuels, agricultural, ceramic, paper, and mining: all bulk materials handling industries. We provide design recommendations for bins, hoppers, silos, blenders, anti-segregating devices, feeders, mills, agglomerators, roll presses, solids feed systems, and other solids and bulk handling processes. We provide complete powder flow testing facilities to characterize your bulk powders at process conditions from -20 deg F to 1800 deg F. Use our testing and analysis services to predict trouble areas in your plants and your customers' facilities, and provide solutions to optimize production. We provide product design assistance to increase product quality. Our engineered solutions have reduced segregation in existing systems from 50% out-of-spec material down to 0.2% out-of-spec material